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24 de Agosto de 2013

After many years of hard work, shows, and two LPs ADAMANTIVM has decided to split up. All the members of the band will continue in metal, one way or another, forming new bands or releasing another studio albums.

But before leaving we have one special last show this friday in the SAN JOSE METAL - PAKO MUNIENTE in Zaragoza.

We want to thank all the people who has been following us, in our shows, listening to our music, etc.

Thank you very much and see you soon.


13 de Abril de 2013

At this special show ADAMANTIVM wants to play a special gig as a tribute to our fellow Pako, thus everybody involved with Adamantivm in any time will be playing (altough we cannot confirme Paladini as a player yet, we hope he'll be at the show). Juanjo will be playing with Orlac, and with Miguel, Dani, Javi and Luis Carlos in Adamantivm Juancho and Latas will play guitars, and Toño will sing again with us.

It's an special show and we wanted it to be as important as it is, so be ready!!!


10 de Abril de 2013

And after the tribute to Pako, What are ADAMANTIVM's plans? ... Basically we're going to record a new record and start to play live again. We already have most of the album's songs composed but we still don't want to give more details. In the next few weeks we'll record demos of all of the songs and will send them to our co-producer, again Lucas Lucas from Estudios Teocida, will record and produce with us the new album.

We will enter the studio presumably after the summer, probably in September.

On the other hand we keep looking for a second guitarist, but this search will not stop the plans of the band. If you're interested in the position please contact us by following the instructions on the contact section on this website.


7 de Abril de 2013

The tribute to one of the best bass players and musicians who gave Aragon, Pako Muniente, is near. The tickets are already available, 2€ each, that only cover organizational expenses.

The concert will be held on Saturday April 20 at 17:00 in the CENTRO CIVICO UNIVERSIDAD.

Tickets are available at DISCOS LEYENDA, UTOPIA ROOM, PUB INFIERNOS or directly contacting our drummer Miguel.

The concert will be the return of many of the bands when Pako he began playing (early 90s) in addition to the bands in which he played. So the bands that will play are ANATEMA, LA FAMILIA MANSON, MAELSTROM, LAMENT FROM THE GRAVE, ORLAC and ADAMANTIVM.


13 de Febrero de 2013

It's a long time since we don't publish anything on our website but we'll talk soon about our plans. For now we can say that we have a date for the concert tribute to Pako. The local scene is going to be there on Saturday, April 20th in Centro Civico Universidad.

For this special ocasion the bands that started in the music with Pako reunite Maelstrom, La Familia Manson y Anatema. Besides the main bands where Pako played will be also playing Orlac, Lament From the Grave and, of course, Adamantivm.

Here you have all info of the event.